Work Packages

WP 6:

Dissemination of nutritional strategies to prevent depression

WP Leader:

European Association for the Study of Obesity, UK

Main Objectives:

  • To produce and disseminate information on MooDFOOD, its objectives, research approaches and results to the project’s target audiences: the scientific community, media, general public, policy makers, health professionals and relevant scientific societies, relevant industries (including SMEs), consumer organisations. Focus will be on both European and International dissemination.
  • To develop a strategy for the translation of the scientific outputs and results into practical tools (guidelines, policy documents, research methods etc.) to prevent depression through nutritional strategies.
  • To promote the use of project results and implementation tools by European and International stakeholders and target groups.

Main Deliverables:

  • Interim workshops at international congresses
  • Guidelines and practical tools to prevent depression using nutritional strategies
  • Classical and Online dissemination
  • Final project workshop and webinar
  • Scientific summary paper