Scientific Publications

MooDFOOD Randomised Controlled Trial
Mieke Caboutfeb-17The MooDFOOD project: Prevention of depression through nutritional strategiesNutrition Bulletin
Miquel Rocaapr-16Prevention of depression through nutritional strategies in high-risk persons: rationale and design of the MooDFOOD prevention trialBMC Psychiatry
Nutrients and Depression
Carisha Thesingoct-17Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels in depressive and anxiety disordersThe Official Journal of International Society of Pschoneuroendocrinology (ISPNE)View the Summary here
Cindy Mari Imaiapr-17Associations between proportion of plasma phospholipid fatty acids, depressive symptoms and major depressive disorder. Cross-sectional analyses from the AGES Reykjavik studyThe Journal of Nutrition, Health & AgingView the Summary here
Liset Elstgeestjan-17Vitamin B12, homocysteine and depressive symptoms: a longitudinal study among older adultsEuropean Journal of Clinical NutritionView the Summary here
Cindy Mari Imainov-15Depression and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D in older adults living at northern latitudes – AGES-Reykjavik StudyJournal of Nutritional Science
Dietary Patterns and Depression
Nadine Paansnov-17Eating styles in major depressive disorder: Results from a large-scale studyJournal of Psychiatric ResearchView the Summary here
Esther Vermeulensept-17Inflammatory dietary patterns and depressive symptoms in Italian older adultsBrain, Behaviour and ImmunityView the Summary here
Anika Knuppeljul-17Sugar intake from sweet food and beverages, common mental disorder and depression: prospective findings from the Whitehall II studyScientific ReportsView the Summary here
Esther Vermeulenjun-17A combined high-sugar and high-saturated fat dietary pattern is associated with more depressive symptoms in a multi-ethnic populationPublic Health NutritionView the Summary here
Esther Vermeulenapr-17Dietary pattern derived by reduced rank regression and depressive symptoms in a multi-ethnic population: The HELIUS StudyEuropean Journal of Clinical NutritionView the Summary here
Esther Vermeulenmar-16The association between dietary patterns derived by reduced rank regression and depressive symptoms over time: the InCHIANTI studyBritish Journal of Nutrition
Bodyweight and Depression
Nadine Paansmay-17Which biopsychosocial variables contribute to more weight gain in depressed persons?Psychiatry ResearchView the Summary here
Deborah Gibson-Smithmar-16The role of obesity measures in the development and persistence of major depressive disorderJournal of Affective Disorders
Tatjana van Strienfeb-16Emotional eating as a mediator between depression and weight gainAppetiteView the Summary here
Deborah Gibson Smithdec- 15Major depressive disorder, antidepressant use, and subsequent 2-year weight change patterns in the Netherlands Study of Depression and AnxietyJournal of Clinical Psychiatry
Food Related Behaviour and Depression
Laura Winkensnov-17The associations of mindful eating domains with depressive symptoms and depression in three European countriesJournal of Affective DisordersView the Summary here
Tatjana van Strienoct-16The mediation effect of emotional eating between depression and body mass index in the two European countries Denmark and SpainAppetite
Nadine Paansaug-16The association between personality traits, cognitive reactivity and body mass index is dependent on depressive and/or anxiety statusJournal of Psychosomatic ResearchView the Summary here
Mariska Botfeb-16Plasma insulin-like growth factor I levels are higher in depressive and anxiety disorders, but lower in antidepressant medication usersPsychoneuroendocrinology
Yuri Milaneschinov- 15Leptin Dysregulation Is Specifically Associated With Major Depression With Atypical Features: Evidence forBiological PsychiatryView the Summary here
Yuri Milaneschijun-15Polygenic dissection of major depression clinicalMolecular PsychiatryView the Summary here